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  1. General terms and conditions for the use of the site

Aim of the website

The aim of this website is to present Deutsche Infrastructure S.A. and its activities.

Applicable law

This website, as well as all relations pertaining to it, is governed by Luxembourg law. By visiting the site, non-Luxembourg residents formally accept the full application of Luxembourg law, without reservation. Deutsche Infrastructure S.A. undertakes to comply with Luxembourg laws and regulations governing website operations.

All litigation with respect to this website is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the district court in and of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Complaints may be sent to Deutsche Infrastructure S.A., at the address shown in the section below, “Not happy with our services?”

Access to and use of the site

Access to this website and its conditions of use are governed by this legal information. This legal information may be subject to change and Deutsche Infrastructure S.A. invites visitors to the website to check this information on a regular basis.

This website is designed to provide information for Deutsche Infrastructure clients and persons who are not clients but interested in our services. Individuals are personally responsible for complying with all the legal and regulatory provisions in their country of residence and any other provisions applicable to them and ensuring that the products and services presented are appropriate for their present situation.

Users are reminded that there is no guarantee of secrecy with regard to communication over the internet and that that they must take appropriate steps to ensure that their data and/or software are protected from viruses.

Website content

The information published on this website shall be considered as „commercial communication“ within the meaning of the law of 14 August 2000 on electronic commerce*. Unless written notice to the contrary is sent to Deutsche Infrastructure S.A., persons accessing the website agree to receive marketing-type communications from Deutsche Infrastructure S.A. via the website or email.

The information and opinions on Deutsche Infrastructure’s website are provided for information purposes and are only valid at the time they are issued. Accordingly, no guarantee can be given as to the appropriateness, exactness, validity, accuracy or exhaustiveness of this data and information, or the opinions based thereon. Past performance is no indication of future returns and Deutsche Infrastructure S.A. shall not be held liable for the future performance of these securities. Information provided to users of the website cannot be construed as legal or tax advice. Deutsche Infrastructure S.A. cannot be held liable for this information or any decisions that a person, regardless of whether or not they are a client of Deutsche Infrastructure S.A., may take on the basis of such information. Deutsche Infrastructure S.A. reserves the right to modify the content of the website, whenever it deems this appropriate.

Personal data

Details regarding Deutsche Infrastructure’s personal data policy can be found in the Data Protection section of the website.


Details regarding Deutsche Infrastructure’s cookie policy can be found in the Cookie Policy section of the website.

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When you visit the Deutsche Infrastructure website, data about your geographic location might be gathered and processed. The data gathered concerning the user’s location will be collected exclusively for this purpose and held temporarily in the memory or saved on the user’s computer device, particularly for the purpose of facilitating navigation on the site.


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Any reproduction or representation, in whole or in part, of the pages, data or any other element constituting the site, on any medium whatsoever, without the express authorisation of Deutsche Infrastructure S.A., shall constitute a breach of copyright.

Not happy with our services?

In the event of a complaint, a website visitor may make a direct complaint to the Deutsche Infrastructure S.A., at the following address:
Deutsche Infrastructure S.A.
Rue du Laboratoire 9
L-1911 Luxembourg
Or by email.

To ensure complaints are dealt with rapidly, they should be clearly presented, summarise the facts that are the basis for the complaint in a detailed and chronological manner.

A response will be sent within one month from the date of receipt of the complaint. If a response cannot be provided within this period of time, the person in charge of the complaint will send a letter explaining the reasons for the delay and a date on which the assessment of the complaint is expected to be completed.