Changing the game in infrastructure finance

Our Vision

Providing long-term real-asset investment opportunities world-wide.

Becoming the world-market leader for high-volume infrastructure financing services.

Basel III introduced 5,400 additional pages of regulation

Thus banks are leaving infrastructure financing to other parties.

Our Goal

Deutsche Infrastructure aims to become the leading digital ecosystem for large-scale infrastructure projects, providing a fully digital process to the global financial world.

We enable a perfect match between initiators of large infrastructure projects and institutional investors world-wide.

Market situation

The OECD expects a total annual infrastructure spending of more than USD 4 trillion in 2020. At the same time, there is a USD 5.5 trillion spending gap globally between now and 2035 according to McKinsey & Company. Hence, infrastructure is a very large market with even more opportunity untapped – due to a lack of transparency, a high information deficit on both sides, mainly analogue processes and neglecting the chances of digital technology.

Our Offer

We offer services for both sides: project initiators and investors.

We have our own network of local Country Ambassadors, who track down infrastructure projects at an early stage. In a second step, our team of analysts evaluates these projects, also regarding ESG criteria.

On the investor side, we primarily address asset managers and banks launching infrastructure funds. These can be closed-end funds, public funds or special fund mandates in the areas of private debt to private equity.

Our approach and service

Deutsche Infrastructure serves the global infrastructure, financial and services industries with four unique offerings.

Our intelligent crawling combines artificial and human intelligence seamlessly to build the world’s largest infrastructure projects database

Our digital marketplace connects local project initiators with global service providers and vanishes language barriers

Our search technology serves institutional investors by finding the needle in the haystack to perfectly diversify their portfolios

Our algorithm monitors the project progress automatically to identify deviations earlier than today’s manual processes

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